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Gear torque Transmission is engaged in manufacturing high quality Plnetary gear boxes.Our manufacturing unit is at Satara. Its standard gear boxes are available in Foot,Flange orAgitator mounting. Electric,Hydraulic or other type of motor can be couple to gear box with hollow input or free input All power transmission products are developed with our own technology.All gears are made From best quality alloy steel for its best performance.Latest technology is used for gear design With modified tooth profile, which improves load carrying capacity of gear box as well as life. Thease are of moduler construction and hence can be offered in single.double,tripple or multiple Stages as a standard product.This type of gearboxes also be combined with worm,bevel or Helical stages to give special gear boxes as per customer's requirement.
Planetary gearing consists of a system of gears in which Co-Axial gears are connected by a number of equaly spaced gears called planet gears mounted on carrier which is also Co-Axial Total load is shared by three planets therefore load handeling capacity of planetary gearboxes is very high compared to other type of gearboxes.

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